About us


Everyone agree that time is money. Why reinvent the wheel which lead a business to its development ? We all work to contribute to a better world and we work everyday to fix bugs and release new and better softwares and programs. It cannot stop until it migrates to a superior intelligence which we may wait from other planets.

Control Code is one of these extra terrestrial machine who gathers all knowledge all over the world and even from the martians.

Objective of Control Code

The control : A stress-less way of life. A focus on the main WHY OF LIFE. Imagine we design a button (or even a mind recognizer) which needs only one thought from us to accomplish our dream. Tweak a corner to change it to another dream tomorrow. That seems really really cool isn’t it ? and that is where the technology brings us. Have a control of your health, your job, your holidays, your revenues, your outgoings… Imagine that even though you are a beggar, you can control the dole.


Being a web developer for more than 10 years, I struggled with many projects which one went far from another in language, in design, in process and in use. Sometimes I rewrote a php website to a WordPress blog. Anyway, it has taught me to manage and organize customer’s need and if I recap it, new technology arrives, some decide to adapt and others invest. Which does win ? As developer, I would answer, it is worth invest. Never build from scratch and converge technologies to make one branch. This site aims at unifying the goal and present to the end users a minimal choice of what they want to achieve from a selection of program and software.

Development does not stand at the start and end of this article. We almost take care of the user experience, because what is worth working hard developing the latest mind recognizer if the last of the idiot cannot talk to it. User experience matters so far in controlling human’s way and such platform helps developers to talk with the most handicapped person able to browse on the internet.

Last but not least, this site is not usable without the help of designers. I am involved in a small malagasy (people from here in Madagascar) smart team of designer and integrator. You may like to use it but if you get ashamed showing it to your friends on meetings or parties, I won’t be proud of all my philosophy above. What I dislike at designers is they are, by nature, uncontrollable, as this site suggests. Design is a matter of art and many of us developer complains of redevelop all because a designer was a little bit too enthusiastic. But thinking of it, if everything was like developers wished, we still keep coding on stone now on. So here, when a project is designed, may it be a wordpress theme, a skinned module, a beautifully presented plugin … Those are the finished products that most of us would like to use and share.

This site is brought to you by :

Landry Rakotoarivelo
Control Code Manager
38, Ratianarivo St, Isoraka

LOT IBK 44 Bis Ampasamadinika
101 Antananarivo, Madagascar